Keynote Speakers at SoundAsArt

We are proud to announce the keynote speakers at SoundAsArt conference. They are:

Christina Kubisch, first generation sound artist, is known for her synthesis of art forms, working with magnetic induction and combining light and sound as artistic elements. Christina is based in Berlin.

Jonty Harrison, based at the University of Birmingham. Jonty plays a substantial role in Britain’s musical life. A good part of his work is dedicated to the promotion and practice of New Music.

Rajesh Mehta is always crossing boundaries – he graduated in History of Ideas and Electrical Engineering. These days, he combines architectural thinking and music in projects like ‘Sounding Buildings’ or the ‘Hybrid Trumpet’.

Go to the SoundAsArt Conference Website to submit your own proposal or to register for the conference.

SoundAsArt is part of s.o.u.n.d, the North East Scotland’s Contemporary Music Festival

SoundAsArt: Blurring of the Boundaries — Call for Papers

SoundAsArt: Blurring of the Boundaries

Aberdeen, Scotland
November 24th, 25th, and 26th

Over the past several years a growing fascination with the emerging art form Sound Art, has become prevalent within arts communities and academia. But what is it, how is it defined, and what is the impact on current practices of composers, artists, and those working in related fields (video, sculpture, architecture etc.)?

The SoundAsArt conference hopes to explore some of these boundaries, blurry though they may be, with the goal not of definition but of exploration. It is a peculiar characteristic of this art form to revel in the blurring of distinctions, the crossing of disciplinary boundaries, and the redefining of practices.

The conference will take place over a three day period and will feature papers/talks, installations, soundwalks, and performances. The entire content of the conference will be documented for release and made available online in pdf/mp3 format.

The conference is presented by the artist group urbanNovember in partnership with the University of Aberdeen , with generous support of the Aberdeen City Council.

Call For Papers (Abstracts) Continue reading



(footdee beach, free) after a performance of electronics and psaltery by james wyness followed by a set with bill thompson and patrick keenan for live electronics and prepared harpsichord (at peacocks visual arts, on 10 March), at footdee beach, aberdeen, 9:30pm there will be an outdoor installation involving the harpsichord, fire, and the tide.

The tide is anticipated to come in at 11:30 and the installation will be coordinated to conclude with its arrival. Free of course, and please bring plenty of friends, warm clothes and hot drink.

email bill thompson for more details.

weather forecast for aberdeen, next 24 hours