Keynote Speakers at SoundAsArt

We are proud to announce the keynote speakers at SoundAsArt conference. They are:

Christina Kubisch, first generation sound artist, is known for her synthesis of art forms, working with magnetic induction and combining light and sound as artistic elements. Christina is based in Berlin.

Jonty Harrison, based at the University of Birmingham. Jonty plays a substantial role in Britain’s musical life. A good part of his work is dedicated to the promotion and practice of New Music.

Rajesh Mehta is always crossing boundaries – he graduated in History of Ideas and Electrical Engineering. These days, he combines architectural thinking and music in projects like ‘Sounding Buildings’ or the ‘Hybrid Trumpet’.

Go to the SoundAsArt Conference Website to submit your own proposal or to register for the conference.

SoundAsArt is part of s.o.u.n.d, the North East Scotland’s Contemporary Music Festival